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I do read them but feel that everyone has their own way of reading resumes especially when we are reading a bloody stack of them for one position. The reason I read them is to see if it is a generic resume or if they bothered to tailor it to the specific job at hand. I want to see as you said the attention to detail and if they bothered to personalise the resume even a bit. I tend to favour the resumes that are personalised a wee bit in favour of the specific job instead of a generic stock resume. I think we all have our own way to slog through the pile of resumes and no way is the absolute right or wrong way. Cheers!!

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As he becomes only the third driver to reach 600 professional races this weekend, Morgan has no intentions of slowing down. He’s got his sights set on all-time leader John Force (who hits 668 races at Englishtown) and second-place Warren Johnson, who compiled 649 NHRA pro races on his Pro Stock resume.

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Despite the huge impact of the FBI's raid on stock price, company officials refused to provide details on the situation. They also requested that the stock resume trading as soon as possible. The lack of insight into the reasons behind the raid instilled fear into the minds of investors. It is likely that the raid was caused by violations of WellCare's contractual obligations with the government. Un-named sources stated that 40 percent of clients were denied coverage that they might have had. Furthermore, WellCare officials wouldn't respond to these clients being denied coverage. Based on these rumors, the stock was punished throughout the course of the day. Having already gapped down over 50% the stock managed to fade near session lows by market close. It should be noted that several "shady" and perhaps illegal activities occurred in the months leading up to the raid. Long suspended companies are usually defined as those listed companies whose shares have been suspended from trading for more than three months. When the stock will resume trading depends on whether the company can submit a viable stock resumption proposal to the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. Among the current list of suspended companies, the longest has been for more than 5 years.