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The First Year (Entry Level) Teacher Resume Template is geared for teachers who have just finished their practicum or in the midst of seeking more. The practicum experience is very important for a teacher as it develops the skills they need in a hands on manner. This entails everything that a teacher must know. For […]

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The Day Care Teacher Resume Template offers a constructive background for a teacher to build his or her resume upon. Each heading provides an area for teachers to deliver specific information about themselves. Day care teachers are responsible for the mental and physical well-being and growth of little children for a significant amount of time. […]

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In the second part of this article you will find some teacher resume templates (in Microsoft Word format), plus we will also tell you how you can make the Employment History section of your resume stand out. You are welcome to download our teacher resume templates and then input your own details into them.

You can use this Kindergarten Teacher Resume Template and combine it with any other resume samples from this site in order to create your resume from scratch.The Physical Education (Gym) Teacher Resume Template provides a medium for gym teachers wishing to compose a resume. The headings will give an outline for a user to fill out. Each section divides the resume into an organized presentation of one’s skills and credentials. In addition, the set format offers a sleek eye-catching design which […]The Teacher Resume Template helps those on a job search develop a document which fulfills the goal of any resume: to increase the chances of gaining an interview and/or a teaching position. Both of these resume goals may only be achieved by having a clear and concise document that demonstrates the qualifications that teacher possesses. This can easily be accomplished with a smart looking resume divided into predetermined sections, each complimenting the candidate’s skills, experience, and education. Basically, your resume must look fantastic and the content must be exceptional. Since teachers are expected to take large amounts of information to present in an easily comprehensible way, a resume also acts as an introduction to a teacher’s communication and educational skills. In a way, one can think of the recruiter as a student that must be taught about the candidate. The Kindergarden Teacher Resume Template serves as a structural aid for kindergarden teachers on the job hunt. This profession will require certain attributes from a candidate. For instance applicants should have excellent communication skills with both very young children and adults, a knowledge of education, the law, the ability to retain control in large groups, […]