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For example, if you have a well-defined, polite, articulate speaking voice, make sure to let this quality stand out in the resume. If you’ve spent the last 11 years working in telemarketing or sales, this too is an important highlight to add to your resume. The correct format for a telemarketer resume starts with contact details and is followed by a summary, work experience, education, certificates held and lastly, additional skills. Always list items in a bullet pointed fashion and keep the resume short and concise.

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Here is a resume sample that gives better concept on creating a solid resume. It gives more insight on how to start planning the writing process. It has been conveyed by giving outline of the content and the format. It is necessary to apply the best marketing strategy in preparing a resume. You need to gather and understand the whole concept. Resume is a way of getting in touch with the prospective employers before having a face to face meeting. A telemarketer resume drafted in the perfect and unique way serves as a strong marketing document. The below resume example will enhance your ideas of writing a resume that beats thousands of job applicant.

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Career Goal: Self motivated, highly energetic, and experienced telemarketing representative seeking a position in the domain with a view to utilize my expertise in the field towards professional growth and development in a fast paced dynamic environment

When constructing your telemarketer resume, it is important to remember to list your highest qualifications within the first two paragraphs of the resume body. This direct attack method puts your best face forward, right where the interviewer is most likely to look first. This is a great time to highlight the talents and abilities that you may have, which might better qualify you for the position of a telemarketer.