How to Create a Text Resume for an Online Form

Although most of today's email services are pretty robust at handling formatting issues, some still have problems with long lines, and wrap the text in odd places, disrupting the formatting you've so carefully set up. The text-only forms on some job boards also have this problem - and it's better not to take the risk that your prospective employer may be using an email service or message viewer that has this issue. Thus, it's worth your while to take a few minutes to prepare an email-and-message version of your plain text resume.

AKA: Plain Text Resume with No Breaks –

Once you've written your ASCII text resume, you can save it as a text file and copy and paste it into a resume text area field anywhere on the World Wide Web (WWW), including on ! Prepare an ASCII text version of your resume, so that when employers request that you forward your resume in ASCII text via e-mail, you'll already have the document ready to send.


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Once you've got your plain text resume all formatted for email and messaging, it's easy to send through the any email provider or job site of your choice. Before you send a plain text version, though, take care to read the entire job posting you're responding to - some employers specifically want your resume in Microsoft Word format, some want an attached plain text document, and some want plain text pasted into the body of an email or message. But thanks to the time you've spent preparing versions in Word, plain text and 65-character lines, you're all set to pick the right version and fire off a message to your future employer.