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UPS Information Services Human Resources Director Regina Hartley is a self-described “scrapper.” In her recently featured Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) talk: “Why the best hire might not have the best resume,” she details how her personal experiences helped shape her human resources career.

The best resumes to ever cross my desk were those that really showed creativity.

The best resumes are simple. Your resume should look like it was created by a designer, not a bank teller. Use your skills to create a document you can be proud of.

The Best Resume Writing Software of 2016 | Top Ten Reviews

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Other than that, you can also notice that in most of the best resumes, the writing in it is simple and easy to understand. While the idea behind this is not to belittling the employers but to make sure that there are no misleading information obtained from the resume. You do not want your potential employers to misinterpret your sentences. So, instead of being long winded, you might want to consider using short and clear sentences in your resume. Short and simple sentences, especially in an active form, can avoid misinterpretation and misconstruction. Hence, that is why most of the languages and sentences used in these best resumes samples are short and clear.

Out of all the resume builder software on the market, we reviewed the best programs and compared them to each other. We found that , and are the best resume makers available. To learn more about resume building and career advice, check out our .Editing & Organizational Tools
All resume writing software should include some basic editing tools to make sure your resume has a professional appearance. Look for programs that offer basic tools, such as a spell-checker and thesaurus, as nothing makes an employer overlook a resume like misspellings and repetitive language. The best resume software includes an auditor feature to look over your resume once you complete it, to make sure it is a solid document before you send it out to hiring managers.