There are three types of resumes in common use:

There are three types of resumes – chronological resume, the functional resume and the combination resume.

For your job search you should have three types of resumes: formatted, plaintext, and scannable.

In this article, we're going to start with a brief overview of sales and marketing positions in the workplace. Next, we'll review the three types of resumes in use today and the pros and cons of each. Then we'll provide some sample language as well as a link to a downloadable document.

Three Types of Resume - What are the 3 Resume Types

• Three types of resumes and their uses (Chronological, Functional, Combination)

Every resume varies depending on the educational background, work experiences, skills, or interests of the job seeker. Some may find it easy, while others still find it hard to get their resume to be read by their prospective . But if there is advancement in technology, change in fashion and healthy diet, as such there will also be a need for a makeover of our resume. There are three main types of resume you could use depending on your needs, which are the TRADITIONAL, FUNCTIONAL or COMBINATION.

There are three types of resumes – Chronological, Functional and Combination. To view examples of each type, please look at pages 6-10 of the to Writing Resumes.The format of the resume is one of the most important aspects about resume writing. What points you mention, where you mention and how you mention can be the deciding factor for getting selected. There are mainly three types of resumes available in the market, which include: a functional resume, chronological resume and combination resume.