Do you have a cover letter and a two page resume?

I also disagree with the one page philosophy. Most resumes are two pages. A one page resume will hurt many candidates more than it will help them. If your background cannot be effectively highlighted in one page, two pages should be used. Resumes no longer need to be one page and two page resumes are very common (most employers will expect them if you have an extensive background). Your resume should be printed on two separate pages and not stapled.

 Yes, I’ll have a cover letter and a two page resume.

The great debate – should it be a one page resume or a two page resume?
According to Jennifer Brooks, a senior associate director of the MBA Career Management Center – one page it is. Why? Because mangers and recruiters are busy people and don’t have time to hear about every single skill you have, all your hobbies, and everywhere you’ve worked. They want to know at a glance whether you have what it takes to get the job done.
So how long is too long when it comes to resumes?
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How to Optimize a Two Page Resume - How To Write a Resume

Thank you!!! An experienced recruiter at Manpower told me two page resumes are fine.

Resume length is another bone of contention. I believe one page is appropriate for new graduates, those with fewer than five years experience or if someone has worked for only one employer. Two page resumes are fine for people with more than five years experience or anyone in management positions.

Compromise the Resume Length
There is always a middle ground that can be found. One option is to create a one page resume for the recruiter and then a two page detailed resume for the hiring manager who is looking to see more information.Amortizement your resume a clean appearance refreshes the eyes of the tired reader, and can make them continue headwork, which is undoubtedly what you want. One in relation to the many mistakes of applicants is trying to cram all of their qualifications and everything directorate want to say into a one title practicing. Along these lines, they bear with small margins and half-and-half dropped fonts. This is in no sustenance an appealing take back. Don’t bother about keeping your pith so that one page only, a two page resume that is well-written will get in passage to be read more than a all-powerful page replevy that is poorly crafted.
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