There are generally three different types of resumes, these include:

Regardless of the type of resume you prefer, most people will need several resumes tailored to different positions. And with more and more job seekers applying to jobs online, it is usually essential to create resumes in several different formats.

The types of resume for a high school student that may be prepared:

The combination resume is the type of resume we most commonly see in the Writing Center. Combination resumes might include some skills-based headings, but list experience in each section in reverse chronological order. Combination resumes allow you to show your audience your recent relevant experience, while also taking advantage of , which is good for online resumes that might be found via search engines.

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The best type of resume you can prepare is one that highlights your strengths.

The chronological resume seems to be the most popular format used. This type of resume usually contains an and/or statement and a chronological listing (from most recent to past) of all your employers along with related accomplishments. Educational information is included along with certifications and special skills.

Not all resumes are befitting the requirements of all professions.
Here is a brief list of the types of resumes (i.e. CV – curriculum vitae), and which would be suited for what kind of professional:Resumes are like advertisements. As such, it’s important to decide which type of "ad" – in this case, format – you will use before you begin the process. Depending on the type of job you are applying to, different resume formats may apply. The four standard types of resumes include 1) chronological, 2) functional, 3) combination, or 4) targeted. Below are definitions of each type and recommendations on which format works best. Once you have developed your resume, at America’s Job Exchange and begin your job search today.