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What strategies do you use when updating your resume? Let me know in the comments below. Our American Job Centers offer free resume writing resources, critiques, and workshops. Check out our Connecticut locations .

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There are several benefits of an updated resume. For one, if you update your resume on a regular basis:
1. It can change your perspective on what you have accomplished so far and what you still need to improve.

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Well, it’s time to open that old document, save it under a new name, and get typing. Here’s how to update your resume—fast.

There are multiple reasons to update your resume — and there are plenty of times when it is important to have an updated resume ready to go. What if a recruiter locates you through your LinkedIn profile and you haven’t updated your resume since you started at your company four years ago? Relying on your memory to remember everything you’ve done for the past four years can be quite overwhelming — and you’ll probably make some critical errors.

Updating your resume doesn't have to be too time-consuming or painful, says resume expert Lauren Milligan, founder of ResuMAYDAY, a Chicago-based resume writing and career services firm. She shares five quick tips for breathing new life into your old resume.The best part of updating your resume more frequently is it can take a lot of the sting out of the process. If I asked all of our readers how many of you would rather spend four hours updating your resume or be forced to dig ditches in the summer heat, an unhealthy portion of you would probably ask to see where the shovels were.In my opinion you shouldn’t go more than six months without updating your resume. Now if you do the same basic job day in and day out, you might be able to stretch this a little bit further. (And you might want to consider trying to move your career up a few notches if you aren’t working on anything interesting.)If you’ve updated your resume in the last six months and get laid off today, the document sitting in front of you is mostly ready to be sent right out for employers. You’re prepared for a pink slip – at least from a resume standpoint. (You should probably have an emergency fund as well to bolster your layoff defenses.)