Updating Your Resume for 2014 and Beyond

Set aside time regularly to update your resume, such as every quarter or every month. Write down the successes and lessons learnt during that period and rephrase them into skills or attributes in your resume. It is best to start updating when you are still employed and in the best frame of mind.

The top five outdated resume techniques still in use today to update your resume.

If updating your resume is too intimidating, or you aren’t comfortable doing the work by yourself, you should at least keep copies of everything and file it all in one place. This way, if you do seek professional help when it comes time to update your resume, you have all the necessary documents ready and on hand.

4 Steps: Update Your Resume - AskMen

Well, it’s time to open that old document, save it under a new name, and get typing. Here’s how to update your resume—fast.

The Career Center offers several different resources to assist with creating or updating your resume. You can have your resume reviewed during a with a counselor, or have an your resume.>

The business of submitting resumes has changed drastically. Companies receive thousands of resumes daily. Computers are now doing the initial screening. The software programs are designed to search for keywords that are specific to the job opening. By updating your resume with a few new techniques, you can increase your success in the job search market.There is, however, an easy fix for this situation: update your resume as you go! It sounds simple, like it should be second nature — but unfortunately, this is most often not the case.September's the time to brush up your resume, says Career Directors International. The organization has declared it the official "Update Your Resume" month.It may seem unnecessary to update your resume when you’re applying for an internal promotion because the company knows you and has firsthand experience with your quality of work, but taking the easy option now is sure to lead to suffering later on down the road.