However, some offices may require the USAJOBS resume format

USAJOBS 3.1 screens applicants' responses to questionnaires found in most vacancy announcements in support of the level of experience you claim for specified questions. This step and your responses will determine if you qualify for the specific position. The responses to these questions and your experience, skills, education, training and accomplishments must be specified throughout your USAJobs resume. The USAJOBS online Resume Builder has its own limitations and requirements. That means your information must meet the required format, keyword criteria and characters permitted. USAJOBS hosts many thousands of job applications for a variety of federal job openings in the U.S. and around the world. Online formats tend to be restrictive and each has different format requirements. If not written correctly with the required USAJobs resume format, your application may end up being automatically rejected.

The USAJOBS resume format is the most widely used application for federal hiring

NETL requires the use of the USAJOBS resume format.

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