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In terms of the “References” section of the USAJOBS resume builder, is it OK to list one or two of the supervisors that are already listed under the “Work Experience” section, or should they all be different?

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Do you submit a doc/pdf resume in addition to your USAJobs resume? And if so, you you attach this resume at the beginning or end of the online application?

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Official world from PMF program is it’s up to you whether you want to use USAJOBS resume builder. Really more a preference thing

I would like to use my USAJOBS resume, but in the documents section it only allows me to upload files (.pdf, .doc, etc.) and I don’t know how to link my USAJOBS resume to my PMF application. Is it possible to do this? And if not, what is the best way of getting my USAJOBS resume into my application? Thanks!

Developing your federal resume in the online USAJOBS application system might sound easy at first; however, there are many “little things” that can complicate the process. For example, there is a limit to character counts for each job, using certain characters will automatically disqualify your application, and not specifying the main courses taken in your degree or specifically addressing the specialized experience that may be required on the specific vacancy announcement may eliminate you from being considered among the Best Qualified. Most importantly, did you respond to the only questionnaire as an expert or experienced in each of the questions asked? If not, this could be a strong reason for your automatic disqualification as a candidate, even before your USAJOBS resume is even read.Any reason why to use the USAJobs resume and not a pdf of our resume? Are they going to prefer that we use the USAJobs format for readability formatting? I much prefer the look of my regular resume, so any advice is appreciated. Thanks!Do you wonder why the federal application process is so complicated? The complicated process has a simple answer! The federal government is the largest employer, with 2.8 million employees. The competition is steep for every vacancy announcement advertised; therefore, your USAJOBS resume must be comprehensive, enriched with keywords, core competencies, and proof in your content that you are indeed qualified for the specific position for which you are applying. Additionally, each vacancy announcement can receive from 100 to more than 1,000 applicants; it’s very competitive.