Christine Eckstein Voice Over Resume - On-Top Vocals

This crafty chameleon has a Voice Over resume that shows incredible range, This pint sized pussycat continues to beat out hundreds of great voices on works ranging from the promo for Diary Of A Whimpy Kid 3, Cheer Bear for the Carebears Animated Series 2012, to Sylvannas Windrunner for World of War Craft, Jaryn for Dance Central 1&2, Cat Woman for Batman Dark Kahn, and B-Dawg for the DVD trailer of Disney’s Air Buddies just to name a few.

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The words “home studio” strike fear among some of the bravest souls in the voice over community. Wires, tricky computer applications and confusing equipment come together to form a nerve-wracking equation for many. Instead of fear and confusion, think of a home studio as one of the most lucrative things you can do for your voice over business. Incorporating editing and engineering capabilities into your voice over resume will earn you additional jobs and revenue. Learn how to simplify your home studio and overcome your fear from experienced engineers who spend all day doing this!

Voice Over Resume? The Consensus, YOUR Comments

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