What do I put on my resume to explain this gap in work?" 1

Dear Sam: I am a self-taught artist. I am very passionate about art and design and continue to learn every day, but feel the lack of any college studies and a degree are preventing me from getting a good design job. I know as much, if not more, than a college graduate about art and design, but don’t know how to communicate that. How can I do this, and what do I put on my resume in the education section? – Sam G.

What do I put on my resume if I have no relevant work experience

Now you've been taking your classes and you got your awesome headshots reproduced. Time to attach your resume to the back of your photo and start auditioning. "But what do I put on my resume?" you say. Remember those classes you've been taking? Or that community theater gig you landed? Or that play you did in 8th grade? Whatever is pertinent at this point, put it on your resume. Sure, it may not be much but it's a start, and we all have to start somewhere. Do not -- I repeat, do not -- ever lie on your resume. At no point in your career will it ever be wise to lie on you resume. This may seem like an obvious note, but you see it time and time again. An actor decides to put xyz credit on his resume and because this industry is so small and everyone knows everyone, it will back fire in a similar style to this: Casting Director: "Oh, you worked with Susan on The XYZ Show?" You: "Yeah!" Casting Director: "That's weird. I cast that show and I don't remember you..." See?!

What do I put on my resume if I have no work experience

I’m just completing college and don’t have any previous work experience. What do I put on my resume?