This list has some excellent action words for resumes.

We are constantly adding new words for resumes and cover letters. Many words in the Resume Dictionary have been submitted by employers, human resource directors, and resume screeners. Whether you are a seasoned professional needing a career change resume or have little experience and writing a , the Resume Dictionary power words will make you stand out from the crowd with a .
Also see for action verbs for your cover letters.

Great action words for a resume!

Okay, so this isn’t a simplistic list of best words for resumes. That’s just not possible. But using these tips to figure out which words are best for you may just land your resume at the top of the pile.

Chapter 4: Winning Words for Resumes 63

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In the last minute I decided to put my blog, , on my resume. I’d been worried that it would seem somewhat silly, but since a lot of the internship listings asked for help with blogs or web-related stuff, I figured it was sort of relevant after all. I included that I was the “founder and creator” (those are buzz words for resumes), a brief blurb describing the blog, and my approximate follower-count (the fact that that figure was around 8700 at the time probably didn’t hurt my blog’s credibility, either).